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    All News & Views
    Japan telco stocks on Suga high after PM announces exit

    Telecom investors seem happy to see the back of the politician obsessed with cutting prices.

    Germain Lamonde fended off a hostile takeover attempt by rival Viavi and made EXFO a private company again. Now he's opening up on what the company plans to do next.

    Deutsche Telekom quits Netherlands and turns even more American

    Far more interested in America than Europe, Europe's largest service provider is using Dutch sale proceeds to up its stake in T-Mobile US.

    Telecom Italia builds bid for national cloud hub

    Telecom Italia and three partners are angling for a €900 million contract to build a national cloud hub, paid for by the EU and using licensed Big Tech.

    Eurobites: Virgin Media O2 gets gigabit to 10M UK homes

    Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ukrtelecom and Iskratel expand fiber program in Ukraine; Nokia connects Dutch data centers; Roku sets course for Germany.

    Virgin Media most moaned about service provider in UK ?Ofcom

    UK regulator's latest league tables on complaints make uncomfortable reading for Virgin Media as a standalone business, but EE and Sky have a good Q1.

    MoCA prepares to 'Link' up with 5G fixed wireless, satellite and PON broadband

    The Multimedia over Coax Alliance is developing a new standard, called MoCA Link, that provides a speedy, low-latency bridge between access devices on the side of the home or on the roof, and the in-home Wi-Fi router.

    Telefónica on prowl for full-fiber finance in UK ?report

    Spanish incumbent reportedly hires banks to find partners that are willing to stump up between $4.7 billion and $5.9 billion to support ambitious fiber rollout plans at Virgin Media O2.

    Sunday Telegraph says SFO looking into 'possible violations of anti-bribery laws and regulations' at UK operator.

    O-RAN Alliance: Open by name, closed by nature, reckons Europe

    The group that defines specifications for open RAN wants to be treated like a standards body, but it does not appear to meet the WTO's criteria.

    Price pressures mount after TSMC hikes fees

    Hardware price rises loom after the world's biggest chipmaker raises its own chip fees.

    VEON sells off its Russian towers for $970M

    Kaan Terzioğlu's operator reaches a deal to sell off 14,500 mobile towers in Russia to longtime partner Service-Telecom.

    Eurobites: Satellite comms getting mighty crowded, Inmarsat's Suri warns

    Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Africa Data Centres expands; Scottish broadband project sets sail; Qualcomm and Google offer infotainment wizardry to French carmaker Renault.

    AT&T faces growing calls to delay 3G shutdown

    Companies in the electronic monitoring industry joined those in the alarm sector in urging the FCC to delay AT&T's 3G shutdown. But AT&T hopes to forge ahead with its plans in order to deploy midband 5G.

    Why AT&T reignited its spectrum war against T-Mobile

    AT&T warned of a 'substantial imbalance' in the amount of midband spectrum that T-Mobile owns. At issue is the FCC's upcoming auction of 2.5GHz midband spectrum.

    Amazon, SpaceX scrap over Starlink's 'Gen2' plans

    Amazon's Kuiper Systems has urged the FCC to dismiss SpaceX's plans, which include two possible satellite configurations, while SpaceX calls it a delay tactic designed to slow competition.

    Eurobites: South African operators seek spectrum solution

    Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Russia's 5G grand plan; Google, Apple threatened over Navalny app; EIB funds Somalia subsea link.

    Verizon docks private 5G network at UK's largest shipping port

    Verizon partnered with Nokia to deploy a private 5G network for Southampton, the largest of the 21 Associated British Ports.

    "I think we have so much to deliver on 5G."

    Vodafone UK trumpets slow but 'future-proof' 5G rollout

    The use of heavier, massive MIMO equipment means Vodafone's deployment will take time, but the decision will ultimately pay off, it believes.

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